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On me

What prompted me to give up everything to devote myself exclusively to the ancient art of Tantra?

Love for the human being and the desire to help in spiritual evolution and reconnection with the inner self   , the firm conviction of wanting to bring good and unconditional love to every individual existing,  

the awareness that true happiness and true well-being can only be achieved if we are in balance , in peace and in love with ourselves and everything around us.

My life mission is to put what has been given to me at service and to pass on what I have been taught.

Accompanied on this journey by an artist with a noble and ancient soul, united by the same philosophy of thought on what concerns Tantra and its benefits on a spiritual, physical and psychological level.

Like our zodiac signs (I Earth he Water ) we are opposite but complementary .

The union of our elements and our characteristics make the couple massage and the 4-hand massage a unique and energetically very intense experience . 

Lucia & Alessandro 

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